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I don't sit still very well, so whenever a free moment pops up I like to fill it in with little projects and tutorials to help sharpen my skills.


I've got a really cool gig as a Multimedia Producer for a local liquidation/thrift store, Deal N Deal Liquidators. Deal N Deal is a hive of activity and there's always something new going on, including Deal Auctions, My First Apartment, Recycle Wednesday and more...

Because I love the idea of creating things for people to look at, I also spend a bit of time producing and branding ads for a busy automotive upfitting retail outlet, Caps Plus.


I have a passion for creating clean, simple web design.

David Keith for District 3

David Keith for District 3

An Adventure in WordPress.

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Windsor Nursery School

Windsor Nursery School

Update and Redesign in Bootstrap.

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Do Or Dye Hair Salon

Do or Dye Salon

Responsive Design.

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Another Adventure in WordPress.

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Fun Stuff

While bright, cheery graphics and clean, simple web design are my main offerings, I like to play around with a bit of multimedia and animation in my spare time. These are some of the things I've come up with: (Please note: there have been intermittent issues with the second video loading on some browsers. While I am working on resolving this issue, it may help to try an alternate browser if this occurs.)

Thirty Logos Challange

I love a good logo, and the Thirty Logos Challenge was a great way to practice. These are some of my favorites.
View the briefs and objectives here.

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